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Field Geological Study (Feasibility and DPR)

  • Regional Geological mapping / Geological and structural appraisal
  • Minerals exploration and assessment of mineral potentials
  • Prospecting of minerals
  • Mineral Inventories
  • Evaluation of mineral reserves
  • Mineral Economics
  • Dimension stone/granite quarrying

Geophysical Surveys

  • GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar for underground utility mapping)
  • SRT (Seismic Refraction Test)
  • Cross Hole Study
  • Resistivity surveys
  • Passive seismic tomography for earthquake monitoring and exploration of oil and other sub surface resources.
  • Geophysical survey for selection of tube well for mini water supply schemes

Mapping and Cartography (Manual and digital)

  • Drainage System analysis
  • Cadastral mapping
  • Geological mapping and analysis (Surveyed data plotting)
  • Geomorphological mapping
  • Landuse mapping
  • Hydrogeological mapping
  • Hydrological mapping
  • Wasteland mapping
  • Land capabilities mapping
  • Contouring and interpolation (from primary and secondary data)

Natural Resources (Land and Water) Management

  • Resource estimation
  • Change detection
  • Erosion modeling
  • Resource planning
  • Resources assessment
  • Catchment area treatment planning
  • Drainage treatment planning
  • Geotechnical and geoenvironmental mapping
  • Artificial recharge planning
  • Reservoir studies
  • Identification and delineation of watersheds and micro watersheds
  • Water harvesting sites selection
  • Afforestation site selection
  • Water resources evaluation
  • Geohydrological surveys
  • Evaluation and development of ground water
  • Selection of suitable sites for rural and urban water supply schemes.
  • Waste land development
  • Landuse
  • Soil conservation
  • Artificial recharge of groundwater
  • Horticulture development
  • Water Resources appraisal development and management, Evaluation of surface water and ground water source, Geohydrological survey and evaluation of groundwater, Designing of tube well for rural and urban water point supply schemes, Geological and Geohydrological studies for site selection for piezometer installation, Ground water level monitoring and hydro-ecological studies, Geohydrological studies of project area for preparation of maps and report.

CAD: Computer Aided Drawings

  • Map making (Digital cartography)
  • Engineering drawings
  • Mechanical drawings
  • Architectural drawings

Analysis and Interpretations (Manual and digital)

  • Morphometric analysis
  • Runoff analysis
  • Slope analysis
  • Communication and transport network analysis
  • Drainage analysis

Data Analysis

  • Metereorological data analysis
  • Demographic data analysis
  • GPS data analysis


  • Preparation of thematic atlas
  • Documentation and reporting
  • Research work

Customized software development

  • GIS Applications
  • MIS Applications
  • Payroll Software
  • Indian Financial Accounting Software
  • Educational Institute Management Software
  • Invoicing Software etc.

Web development

  • Customized Website and Web solutions
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